Mystical Folk Ballet with Elm Duo and Kanopy Dance

We’ll be doing a second, special show at Fermentation Fest: a mystical folk ballet with Kanopy Dance! This event will be at the beautiful Witwen Park in Sauk County, Wisconsin, about halfway between the towns of Sauk City and Plain. The ballet will be at 3pm on Sunday, September 26th. This event is free. (Our earlier show that day as part of the Grassical Jamboree is ticketed and $10, but the ballet is free.)

The ballet will trace the story of a woman, jilted by love, as she discovers magical powers over romance through becoming a follower of the mystical Bone Cat.

Weather permitting, the ballet will be performed outdoors near the Witwen Tabernacle. If weather does not permit, we will head indoors to the Tabernacle —  a unique semi-indoor, semi-outdoor space. The Tabernacle has screened-in sides which will all be open. The Tabernacle audience will also be limited to 150 people, which is 50 percent capacity, and all recommended heath guidelines will be followed, including masking of the audience.


Sep 26 2021


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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